The Mechanical-Machine-Building Institute was opened in Chelyabinsk in December 1943. It was formed on the basis of Chelyabinsk and Leningrad Tractor Plants. At that time there were only two faculties there: the Mechanical-Technological Faculty and the Automobile-and-Tractor Faculty. Only 425 students studied at the Institute in TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. 1943. The Institute was housed in the present-day building of "Detsky Mir", and later on it moved into the building of School №11 in Timiryazev Street. There were only two hostels in 1943, now the students live in 9 modem hostels. In 1951 the ChMMI was named the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. In 1990 it was reorganized TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. into the Technical University, and in 1997 - into South Urals State University.

At present it is one of the largest higher schools in the country. About 50,000 students and post-graduates study at its full-time, part-time and distance learning faculties. The teaching staff numbers about 5000 instructors. Several TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences, about 350 Professors and a great number of Assistant Professors work there. The University has 34 departments and 140 chairs which train engineers in 50 specialities.

The University provides a good engineering education. It should be noted, however, that the University trains not only engineers, but TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. specialists in economics, finance, law, ecology, linguistics, architecture and construction, psychology. The university has 11 branch establishments around Chelyabinsk region and it is among the ten best Russian universities according to the Russian Education Department. The university has a rich library with more than 700 thousand volumes, electronic bases, theses catalogue TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY.. The library regularly holds different exhibitions and seminars. There is also the museum of South Urals State University in the main building, where all the history of the university is represented.

South Urals State University is a large research center. At present there function about 20 research laboratories here. The TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. scientists and post-graduates solve a great number of theoretical and practical problems in various fields of industry, science and technology, such as: metallurgy, construction, electronics, transport, etc.

Since 2011 our university has come to the two-level system of higher education: baccalaureate and magistracy.

I have chosen this University because TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. of its prestige, high status among Russian universities and high quality of training. Our University has facilities to study and do sports. The university graduates are always in great demand among employers.


plant– завод be housed – быть размещенным/размещаться

hostel – общежитие undergraduate– студент младших курсов graduate – студент старших курсов postgraduate – аспирант TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. full-time faculty – очное отделение part-time faculty – заочное отделение Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences – Члены-корреспонденты Академии department – факультет chair – кафедра branch establishment – филиал to provide – обеспечивать thesis– диссертация (мн.ч. theses) volume– том/книжка exhibition– выставка research center – исследовательский центр scientist– ученый baccalaureate TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY.– бакалавриат magistracy– магистратура facilities – условия


The success in education, in career and in family life depends on the correct time managing according to psychologists, sociologists and other scientists. My working day begins at 6 a.m. when my alarm clock rings and I get up. I don’t do morning TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. exercises. Instead I take my dog out for a walk and it is a good exercise for me. When we return home, my dog has his morning meal and I take a shower. Sometimes I have breakfast at home if I have enough time. But usually I have breakfast TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. at the University after the second lecture. I’m a first year student of the architectural faculty at the South Urals State University. I’m glad to have entered this University and this faculty. My future speciality is an interior designer. I like being engaged in flats TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. and offices space planning and their decoration. I hope I’m good at these things. I usually leave my house at 20 minutes past 7 a.m., the way to the University takes me 30 minutes by the route taxi. I have 10 minutes to communicate with my group-mates. The university lectures TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. start at 8 a.m. Each lecture lasts one hour and a half. There are short breaks between the lectures. Like I said before there is a 30-minutes break after the second lecture for the students and the lecturers to go to the canteen. My lectures are usually over at TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. 2 or 3 p.m. But I don’t hurry home at once. I do boxing in the university спорт club three times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). On Tuesdays and Thursdays I play the bass-guitar in the university rock-group. Our group participates in all official and amateur TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. events of the University. If I need to prepare any report or be ready for any test, I have to miss the спорт training or music rehearsal and go to the university library. I return home at 7 p.m., have dinner and take my dog for an evening TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. walk. After walk I take a shower, watch TV a little before sleeping. Unfortunately, I am very busy and my week-day is overloaded to walk and mix with my friends in the evening. I only can do it at the week-ends. And at the end of TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. my working day I usually feel tired and like a squeezed lemon. But I think, I do a lot of important things for me, my personal time-table suits me perfectly. How do you organize your working day? Are you pleased with your personal time-table? Share your ideas TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. with us.


time-managing – организация времени/распорядка денька time-table – расписание psychologist – психолог sociologist– социолог scientist– ученый lecturer – педагог университета/лектор be good at smth. – делать успехи в чем либо I’m a first year student – я – студент первого курса to last – продолжаться/длиться be engaged in smth./doing smth TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY.. – заниматься кое-чем it takes me 30 minutes – мне требуется/у меня занимает 30 минут group-mates – товарищи по группе/сокурсники to do boxing – заниматься боксом canteen– столовая sport-training – спортивная тренировка music rehearsal – музыкальная репетиция to miss – пропускать to take a shower – принимать душ to mix – разговаривать overloaded– перегруженный to feel tired TOPIC4. SOUTH URALS STATE UNIVERSITY. – ощущать себя усталым to feel like a squeezed lemon – ощущать себя как выжитый лимон to suit perfectly – подходить совершенно to share smth. with smb. – делиться с кем-то кое-чем